CRRC Junior Rifle Program

The Junior Rifle Program at the Citizensí Rifle and Revolver Club (CRRC) has been conducted for over 50 years. The CRRC Junior Program is open to boys and girls from 11 to 18, although younger students may be accepted if they have had prior experience with shooting guns. All shooting equipment, including world-class rifles, ammunition, eye protection, ear protection, rifle slings, shooting mats, shooting gloves, spotting telescopes, targets, certificates, and awards are supplied. Rifles are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the various size shooters in the Program. There is a small fee charged to participate in this program.
The Program is held on Saturday mornings from 9 AM until Noon for eleven weeks starting in January. See Public View CRRC Schedule . The first Saturday is a mandatory safety lecture for first-year participants only from 9:00-10:30 AM. For the next ten weeks, first-year participants start with a class at 9 AM followed by shooting on the Jones Range. It is not necessary to attend every session, but a written exam is given at the end of the seventh week which must be passed in order to continue in the Program. After passing the exam participants also receive an official NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course Completion Certificate.
Both new and returning participants shoot for record on standard NRA 50-foot smallbore targets. Participants work toward the standard NRA Smallbore Rifle Qualifications that are also used by adult shooters. Ranks start at Pro-Marksman, then Marksman, then Marksman First Class, then Sharpshooter, then nine more ranks until Expert. Beyond Expert, extraordinary shooters may continue to Distinguished Expert. Each of the initial ranks require a set of ten targets with a score above a certain minimum. Each rank must be earned in order. No set of targets can be used twice, although you can save a target for later use. For each Qualification that a participant earns, he or she is presented with a Certificate and a Patch.
The eighth and ninth weeks of the Program are devoted to a formal competitive shooting match for all participants. As with all NRA sanctioned matches, participants compete directly only against competitors with the same rank classification. The last week of the Program is an awards ceremony with refreshments and a fun shoot.
Approximately 24 new shooters and 36 returning shooters are accepted into the Junior Program each year. Priority is given to children of members of CRRC. Interested boys and girls should register as early as possible to insure a place in the Program. To register or get more information, send an email to Junior Rifle Program.

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Last revision : Aug-11-2017